M y    B i o g r a p h y

Age 29
Based in Los Angeles, Ca
Born in Frankfurt, Germany
Birthday Febuary 19, 1971
Height 5'6
Bust 34DD
Waist 25
Hips 34
Weight 125 lbs
Hair Brown/Blonde
Eyes Green
Skin Tan/Med Complexion

Hello everyone...........thanks a lot for stopping by my new website. I have been working very hard to make this a great site. Any suggestions you might have will be very helpful. Every pic you see here will be sure to make you very excited....I know that I got pretty wet making them.

My name is Emily Jewel, and I hope you enjoy looking at my pictures. I have done several movies for the adult industry, and I am an exotic Dancer. The reason I decided to start my own website was because I find it very exciting to dance, pose nude, or have sex in front of the camera. Perhaps it is the exhibitionist inside of me that makes this so thrilling.I have always been a little wild,so this gives me the chance to do something a little crazy!!!

I am a pretty easygoing person and really don't have any dislikes, except for the obvious ones. I try to keep an open mind about everything and everyone. I like to try new things and have new experiences. Make sure you drop me an E-mail telling me a little about yourself, and what you think of the site, even if you do not join I would love to hear from you, although Member mail always takes priority.



Special Attributes: I love being a woman...feminine and soft, lusty and "animal" like...sexually hungry, powerful and at times, innocent at others.

Turn ons: I love eye Contact. That warm lusty burn a man gives when he stares at me really turns me on. I also like role playing. I love to get or be pleasured in all sorts of new ways. There's nothing like having my nipples sucked and nibbled. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM That just makes me nuts! I love a man with spotaneity. I need my surprises. Sometimes, a naughty whisper in my ear gives me passionate shivers down my spine.

Turn offs: I really hate Arrogance. People who always think they are right, and are never open minded about life. And of course dishonesty. People who have to lie to try to get what they want is also huge turn off. I also hate bad breath, and men who wear way too much cologne.

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